She is called by the ancient of days
Beyond the noise of Earthly power
She gets quiet
She listens
She knows what she's been told
The microphone is not for her
She's dangerous
She is to be quiet
She is not to teach
But the whisper
She gets quieter
She stays very still
She knows
With an ancient wisdom
She knows
Quiet is for listening
But quiet is not a way to live
Quiet is not the way to love
She becomes restless in the knowing
Trouble is in the wind
She seeks peace
She seeks to obey despite the ache
She conforms
She disappears
She is undone
A holy disturbance is imminent
She can't make waves
But she is a wave in an ocean of love
She will roar
Crashing against timeworn rules
She is not tame
She's an instigator of holy change
She is fire and water and breath
God's love wrapped in skin
She is called to the ends of the earth
Called by the ancient of days
There is a reckoning
She unravels
She is raw and terrified and unsure
But she knows
She is called