What if we love as outlandishly as they hate? 

What if our love was as bold as their crime?

What if our love acted out as fiercely as their intolerance? 

What if love was as loud as condemnation?

What if love spread as quickly as the wildfire of hate-filled slanderous social media gossip? 

What if love healed as rapidly as their weapons destroy?

What if love restored humanity as powerfully as hatred annihilates humanity? 

What if love changed absolutely everything forever as swiftly as terrorism? 

What if we were as committed to love as a terrorist to his destruction? 

What if we were as motivated by love as an extremist to his agenda? 

What if love was as fiery as bigotry? 

What if love captivated us the way violence for entertainment does? 

What if we were as obedient to love as we are to consumerism? 

What if love was all?