For the Men. (Happy Father’s Day)


Growing up I idolized you. 


I idolized you for being the thinkers and the doers, the dreamers and the innovators, the storytellers and the leaders, the strong and the wise, the advocates and the brains, the capable and the makers, the preachers and the heroes.


I thought men were hard workers and providers.


I thought men were leaders and world changers. 


I thought men saved the day.


I thought women were the criers and the baby carriers and the cleaners and the cooks.


Dear men in my life,


Thank you for crying in public in front of dozens of people, teaching me that strength has many different forms and that humanity equals emotion.


Thank you for wearing your babies in ergo carriers and wraps, teaching me that the tenderness of the human heart knows no bounds. 


Thank you for cooking for me the most incredible food, teaching me that the art of the chef is universal and has all kinds of soul healing powers. 


Thank you for coming over to clean my house when you knew our family was extra busy and needed the help, teaching me that we all have to do our part. 


Thank you for raising strong and assertive daughters who love themselves and their whole world and believe they can do anything, teaching me to believe in humanity and to always have hope. 


Thank you for painting your toenails and wearing pigtails, teaching me to give myself and my children more and more freedom. 


Thank you for blessing my children to use you as a jungle gym and a shoulder to cry on as well, teaching me to trust people.


Thank you for staying home to care for and teach little ones, teaching me that sacrifice and dedication are virtues of the human soul. 


Thank you for singing the praises of women. Thank you for seeing and acknowledging the strength of women. Thank you for being grateful when a woman saves your day, teaching me that we all need each other equally. 


Thank you for listening to me and thinking my ideas are smart. 


Thank you for asking me questions. 


Thank you for partnering with me to lead together in mutuality. 


Thank you for trusting me. 


Thank you for respecting me.


Thank you for absolutely tearing apart my tiny little taped up cardboard boxes stuffed full of human beings. 


You are everything I always thought you were; the leaders and the providers and the heroes but you are also so much more. You are the criers and the baby carriers and the cleaners and the cooks. 


You are tender and kind. 


You are giving and humble. 


You are strong and sentimental. 


You are compassionate and smart. 


Thank you for doing life with me, right along side me. You bless me so and I love you.