I pray you dream so big that you scare yourself half to death and then soar so high above those dreams that you cannot believe this is really your life.

I pray you love yourself fiercely and then I pray that all that self love spills out all over your sisters.

I pray you never believe that age old lie that you are small, that you were made to be small.

I pray you take up exactly the space you need, the space to feel, the space to lead, the space to be exactly you.

I pray you see yourself as whole and worthy and that you give to this world all that you have to offer it.

If you are asleep, I pray you wake and move mountains.

I pray that shame loses the grip it has had on you forever and in freedom and love, all fear leaves you.

I pray for you to be empowered by the God-given strength inside of you and I pray you empower your sisters who are unable to see their own strength right now.

I pray all these things to our loving, gracious, Heavenly Mother-Father God,