I love the way you love your sleep so very dearly that you’d choose less time for anything else rather than miss out on a second of it.

I love your scarred up knees serving as constant visual reminders of the childhood I spent outdoors never letting my natural clumsiness stop me from enjoying any of the rumpus every kid deserves to partake in.

I love your strong arms that at first sight appear wispy and maybe even frail but truly prove a book cannot be judged by it's cover. With these strong arms I will lift a flailing thirty pound one year old and forty pound four year old simultaneously without a wince while even bending over to retrieve a dropped shoe and then running to catch up with the big boys before they're out of sight. I'll grin when I hear the "woah, you're tougher than you look" comments thrown out by onlookers.

I love your strong calves and your monkey toes that can pick up any item and return them to your fingers without having to bend over.

I love your dark circles under your eyes because they are reminders of heritage, my Mother's, she gave them to me and I wear them proudly. I always know they have nothing to do with a lack of sleep no matter how many strangers and friends alike tell me that I look tired.

I even love your tummy pooch that sticks out further than your breasts because it is both a sign of having carried four babies inside of there and of being a Christensen, both of which I am equally proud.

I love your hands that resemble perfectly that of my Mother's, my favorite part of her body and each time I glance down at mine I remember fondly holding hers.

I love your eyes, dark as night.

I love your crooked smile and how one eye is closed more than the other.

I love those rock star hips that carried and birthed four giant nine plus pound babes.

I even smile at that wretched time of month because I'm learning now not to think of it as wretched at all and certainly with no shame but with honor and dignity and gratitude for all it has given me and all it means about what a woman's body can do.

I love the squint lines and smile lines and every other line showing up on your face these days, I've earned every damn one.

I love your strength and your ability and I honor you for giving me a place to reside through this beautiful life.

I will not fear where we are going but instead I will look forward to all our new adventures.

I pledge to care for you my very best and to never abuse you with degrading insults and comparisons and to never ever believe the garbage that society and media might say about you.

I promise to never take you for granted.

I promise to push you and challenge you no matter what age creeps upon us.

I promise to never think of you as more important than you are or less important than you are.

I love you... or, at least, I'm learning to.