More About the Kingdom of God on Earth

There's more than one reality. There's the worldly reality where your president is a menace who cannot form sentences but he can sign executive orders. And you can't pay the bills and no one understands you, and you're afraid and you have valid reasons for being afraid and you and your family can't seem to get along no matter how hard you try or how much therapy you buy.

There's that reality, no doubt.

But there's also the reality that's much harder to see. No human endeavor can adequately paint a picture of this other reality. We catch glimpses of it in sunrises and newborn baby toes and a glass of prosecco on a balcony overlooking the ocean; we catch sight of her presence in our lives.

We feel this other reality when we cry and when we hug and when we eat and drink and make love and nurse babies to sleep on our breast. The Celt called these moments "thin places," where the space between heaven and earth is diminished.

We believe in this other reality when strangers pull together to save a child in danger, when our dad finally calls to say he's sorry, when our family gets through a meal without an argument, when the Supreme Court rules in favor of equality, when justice prevails, when freedom is so real an experience for us that we can feel her in our bones.

This other reality that's more difficult to see is actually the truer reality: we are love, we are loved, all things are being made new, everything that dies comes back to life, restoration and reconciliation are written into the lines on our skin. This other reality is love and love wins but sometimes it's impossible to feel that truth.

It feels unbelievable that love wins when we're staring right at the disaster and overwhelmed by the wreckage. That's why Jesus taught us to pray for Heaven to join us on Earth. And so we must stare right at the mess and pray for the truer reality to break through the veil. And trust that ultimately she will. And we cherish every tiny moment of break through along the way.

Heaven is here. And also not yet. Come to Earth and bind us in your grace. Amen.