The Lies We Live: Women Are Not Catty

The most efficient way to spread a lie is not to simply whisper that lie into one's ear. You can tell everyone and anyone you come in contact with about your lie and be really, truly convincing, but it won't accomplish anything so profound as when we actually live a lie. First we tell ourselves a lie. Then the more we tell it, the more we begin to actually believe it and the more we believe it, the more we live it until the truth is unseen and the lie becomes so real that we cannot tell which side is up and which is down. 

Living a lie does not make that lie truth, it simply makes that lie incredibly powerful. A lie is never so effective as when we become the lie. For instance when we tell ourselves certain lies about our bodies, such as: we are not skinny enough. Simply saying it doesn't have a whole lot of power. Believing it has a bit more power. The power of living it is enough to ruin us until we waste away into nothingness. Truth is still hiding there though, dim as its light may be. Truth can be unearthed again and restore what the lie destroyed.

One lie that really eats at my soul is the lie that women are catty, gossipy, and hateful of each other. The lie that women don't like each other and can't get along. The lie that all women do is talk about each other behind each other’s backs. The lie that women cannot trust each other. The lie that women are petty. The lie that women cannot work together. I do not know where the lie has its roots. I do know that the truth is springing up all around us and cultivating new life. The truth can and will set us free. 

I'm never more disturbed by the lie that women by nature are catty, gossipy, hating each other creatures than when I hear women themselves state that they wish women could be more like men as to somehow combat this problem we have with each other. I've heard it in conversations with friends. I've seen it in facebook statuses. "Women could learn so much from the temperaments of men."  This strikes me as the voice of a deeply rooted and powerfully lived out lie. Being more like a man will not make you less catty. Being less catty will make you less catty. Being more like a man will not make you gossip less. Gossiping less will make you gossip less. Being a man does not make you respect women more. Respecting women more makes you respect women more. Choose to respect your fellow women and you will set the truth free and the truth will set us free. Choose to work with your fellow women in harmony and you live the truth. Refuse to work with women in harmony because you just know that all women are catty and you perpetuate the lie, you live it. 

A long time ago, someone told a nasty lie. Someone believed it. Someone lived it and the lie spread and spread and its power has destroyed lives. I'm calling it out as the lie that it is. I'm doing my absolute best to live the truth. I have told the lie, believed the lie and even lived the lie but no more. I live in the truth that women all over the world are living in harmony with one another.  Women are no more catty than men are predators. 

"My gender is not something I perform; it is something I am. Womanhood is not something I do; it is something I live. Femininity does not define me; as a woman created in the image of God, I define it, in community with my sisters. When we reduce manhood and womanhood to a list of characteristics, behaviors, and roles assigned to each gender, we are not defending masculinity and femininity; instead, we are diminishing and impoverishing them." - Jenny Rae Armstrong 

Woman, you are kind, you are beautiful but so is she and her and that girl over there and her beauty does not take away from yours and you are created in God's image as much as man is and you are wise and you kick ass and I respect the hell out of you and wanna work together to create something bad ass and scream girl power? Me too. Let's do this.