Hungry, we wake up that way. At least I know I do. The first thought that welcomes me to a new day is…mmmm…pancakes….with fruit on top and real maple syrup. Maybe we had a sufficient dinner the night before, maybe even a surplus of dinner the night before, but still we wake hungry. I dream through the night of eggs benedict and sour dough toast.

Once I've devoured breakfast I immediately begin dreaming of second breakfast and planning for lunch and dinner. We fill up and then we hunger and I think our human need to literally eat food to stay alive, the way our hunger alerts us to that need is a perfect picture of the ebb and flow of the life of our soul. We’re hungry and we fill up, we’re hungry and we fill up.

Maybe one of the reasons we do things like show up to church every week is because we’re hungry. We go to this place called church in part to fill up; we show up as a response to the pang of hunger. To say together, spirit of God fall on us like manna from heaven, how we hunger. Fill us up. Like a perfect chicken tortilla soup, warm us from the insides. Like a blue cheese and bacon topped steak, delight our senses. Like chips and salsa at a mexican restaurant keep us coming back for more. Thrill us, motivate us, nourish us, comfort us, feed us, Spirit God. Like a plate of waffles and bacon we crave new mercies every morning. We’re hungry.

We pray. 

The most beautiful thing about hungering for you God is that you never run out. Your mercies are new every morning, your love abundant. There’s no such thing as scarcity with you. I pray that when we come hungry that we would fill up, that we would be satisfied. I pray that in everything we do we would seek be filled by your love, your grace, your strength, your joy, that we would stuff our faces with it. Your loves abounds and we are hungry for it.