Open eyes, open hearts.

Do you ever forget to look at the ones you love? Do you ever go a day, a week, a month, a year without seeing your loves? Do you forget to lose your breath at the very sight of them? To gasp at their beauty and delight in their presence? To wonder at the miracle that they are yours? I do. I take them for granted. I forget to be in awe of Tai's green as jade eyes. I forget that Huck's still baby soft fingers won't always be so. I forget Zekie's thick waves of hair growing well past his shoulders are a gift. I forget to kiss Jaemien's tiny button nose. I forget that too much goofing around is not a problem to be solved. I forget that laughter is medicine. I forget that years melt into seconds like ice cream on hot pavement. Because bathrooms smell bad and laundry never ends and cereal always only ever ends up on the floor. But my loves are here. And they are beauty and they are joy and they are treasure so far greater than all I waste my time seeking. Sweet loves, I'm willing myself back to you. To this moment. This present gift of a moment. I'm here and I see you and I'm in awe. Let's just be.