How to Build a Life:

How to build a life:

Forget everything you were ever told. Especially all that stuff about God and people. 

Try a lot of different adventures and endeavors and fail and pick yourself up and try again and definitely figure out what you don't like and what you have no interest in and what makes your heart soar and your life worth living and value it all equally. Everything is meaningful as hell. 

Listen relentlessly to the stories of the people you are trying to love. You might even need to mine these stories from their hearts with a pickaxe. It's imperative that you do because then you'll know why your people do the insane, infuriating, ridiculous things they do and the why is never what you think. My friend Jessica always says that people are the way they are for a damn good reason. If we don't know the reason then we make one up in our own heads because we're desperate for meaning and understanding but the story we make up in our heads about why our people do ridiculous things is never true or fair. So learn the real reason and then compassion will melt your heart and empathy will restore your relationship and love will win.

Enjoy every tiny good thing that ever comes your way. Savor sunsets and barefoot walks and chocolate and wine and flowers and baby toes and giggles and glitter and butterflies and campfires and all the things.

Remember everything you were ever told. Especially about God and people. Then absolutely forsake every ounce of bullshit and treasure every ounce of truth and beauty.